Love at first sight…

Last week, I read an article (its not available online, but a local newspaper, Nunatsiaq covered it back in June) in the magazine Up Here about the possibility of Tim Hortons opening a franchise in Iqaluit.   They jokingly noted that if it happened, sales at the Ottawa Airport Tim Hortons would drop as people heading north often pick up donuts or timbits and bring them back to their Iqaluit offices.  They weren’t kidding: quite a few people on our flight were jostling for overhead storage space for their donut and Timbit boxes.  Surprisingly, our plane that seated approximately 45 people (although estimating has never been my strong suit) was entirely full- and it was the day’s second YOW-YFB (Ottawa-Iqaluit) flight.

Arriving in Iqaluit was like flying into a snow globe village: the buildings and houses and sky are beautiful and their bright colours stand out against the white snow.   The sun was shining, creating the gorgeous shadows and snow-sparkle like that photos you find in tourism brochures.  Stepping off the plane, I was prepared for shocking cold, but was pleasantly surprised to be toasty warm inside all my winter gear.

I’m already noticing the dryness I had been warned about: I’ve been running my humidifier since the moment I unpacked it, and have put on more moisturizer and lip balm (thank you, Christmas presents!) so far than I usually do over the course of a couple days.

I’ve never had a strong opinion about the idea of love at first sight.  Until today.  My first few hours here have been great- it is a beautiful city (although you do have to like winter), everyone is welcoming, friendly and hospitable, and what I read today at the office gave me lots of reasons to be excited about my job.  I am definitely looking forward to exploring the city more during our ten hours of daylight we’ll have on the weekend.

Tomorrow will be a much better indicator of how cold and dark it really is: my day is starting with a 7:45am breakfast meeting at the Frobisher Inn.  Here’s to crossed fingers for another day of warmer than expected temperatures…


5 thoughts on “Love at first sight…

  1. Sarah – I have just ‘read’ your blog via Nancy. I’m glad you are not minding the cold as much as you thought you might. I don’t mind you falling in love with the country at first sight, but ….!!! Please send me your address so that I can drop you a line. Love Grandma Doris

  2. Hi Sarah

    I am enjoying reading about your adventures. I look forward to your next installments. I am glad that the weather was spectacular for your arrival, first impressions do last. We are also having a warm spell in Barrie, the January thaw, it feels a bit like March right now. I am about to go out for a run, something that is not always easy to do with snow covered roads at this time of year. I am glad that your careful purchases of warm clothes are doing their job. Thinking of you lots and looking forward to your next entry.

    Love Martha

  3. Do you have a computer in your apt.? Can you received the power point forwards that I often receive. I just received some spectacular ones. Cam you receive an e-mail from me? Love, “techno” Nana

  4. from Gramps: Sarah – was filled with joy for you…you seem so happy and so observant. I trust that your enthusiam will continue…keep in touch…Love, Gramps
    Wonderful to be able to read about your experiences and impressions, and in true Sarah fashion, it is sooo positive. Iqaluit sounds very beautiful; makes me think of seeing all the brightly painted houses in Nfld. The first time we lived there (1959), things were very expensive as well, and eggs and milk were imported “from away”. Most people used Carnation canned milk for coffee. Do they there? Are you one hour ahead? I’m so glad you like your boss and roommate. Also, in Newfie there were few fresh vegetable available. Different now. I miss you, but I’m so happy for you. Much love, Nana

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