Top ten moments in seven short days.

Even though its only been seven days – three as a production assistant on a video shoot to encourage Inuit to become nurses, two in the office, one hibernating inside with my electric blanket and a book, and one spent exploring Iqaluit’s museum and walking around in the sunshine-splendid winter wonderland – it already feels like I have been here forever.

Apologies for not posting sooner, but our modem that brings us a very expensive satellite internet connection stopped working on Friday night, along with our phone line.  Since I’m trying to keep my blogs on the short side and post regularly, I’ll keep this one short but promise to back track and fill in the details of some of my adventures thus far.  For now, here’s the top ten moments (in no particular order) from the last seven short days:

  1. Spending an afternoon playing with newborns and their moms at Iqaluit’s Public Health Building.
  2. Walking home from work (and to work, as a matter of fact) under the brightest stars I’ve ever seen in a city, or maybe, my life every single day.
  3. Watching Fantastic Mr. Fox with my roommate, the woman who hired me, the assistant deputy minister (ADM for short), and the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMO) for all of Nunavut, at a theatre for $5.
  4. Running into people around town (it happened after I was here for just 5 days!)
  5. Discovering cheese for $9.99 at Arctic Ventures (much cheaper than the $19.99 at Northmart)
  6. General Delivery postal address.
  7. Meeting a cab driver from Northern Africa who chose to immigrate here.
  8. Walking outside in today’s -28 weather and realizing I was too warm.
  9. Discovering that here, there is no need to say ‘minus’ when talking about the weather. It’s just a given.
  10. Realizing that by springtime, there will be more hours of sunshine here than back home.

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  1. I’m loving the simplicity of your life in Iqaluit. There is a certain peacefulness and serenity in the experiences that you are having and seem to be appreciating. All of it in spite of the weather!

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