Lots of greats

This afternoon I spent in the Great Outdoors with great people and great conversations.  I blogged yesterday about being enthusiastic about the great people I’ve met here and I’ve also blogged about the outdoors aspect of life here (I’m just a little bit in love with winter).

I set out just before lunch with three others to walk ‘across the bay’ and spent the afternoon walking, chatting, taking pictures, and finally heading back for simple, yet great, food: lots of cheese, soup, cashews, and green peppermint tea and continued great conversation.  (Thanks to Nicole for her photography, Bill for hosting, and Nathalie for the invite).

One thing that we kept coming back to is how much good there is to be done across Nunavut.  There is a ton of opportunity to create really exceptional services and programs, and to develop models for development and community-based work that are effective, and leave communities as well as consultants feeling positive about everyone’s intentions.  There is lots to be learned here, and many more things to be done!  If you’re looking for a job, and don’t mind winter, this is the place.


3 thoughts on “Lots of greats

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  2. I just sent a reply? Did you receive it? I guess I have to figure out the difference between a comment and a reply.
    from not-necessarily-techno-Nana xoxo

  3. They sound delicious and nutritious1 What size container of baking powder is $8.00? And what about the price of cheese per lb. or half lb.? Sorry about not being metric…

    I would love to read other people’s comments. How do I do that?
    Wonderful to see the Iqaluit pix yesterday. They really help us visualize your life in Iqaluit. The Globe says you’ll be having warmer temps. I hope it’s right!
    Love, Nana

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