We are joined by Dr. Isaac Sobol

This morning’s edition of CBC’s The Current addressed Harper’s pledge to make maternal health the issue of the day at the upcoming G8 meetings.  This promise was praised by many, but greeted with an equal amount of criticism from Canadians wishing to draw more attention to our own maternal and child mortality issues – babies born in Nunavut have a mortality rate three times higher than that of babies born in the South.

Dr. Isaac Sobol, Nunavut’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (who also happens to work in the office across from my cubicle and participate in our Thursday night movie at the local theatre) spoke to the issue this morning and used the expression ‘slow cultural earthquake’ to explain what is happening amongst Inuit people here.  Its worth checking out.  If you want to read my take, I blogged about it last week.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Baking Monday.  I’ll post the recipe this evening – cinnamon sugar and honey glazed donuts.  Look out, Tim Hortons!


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