I’m walkin’ on sunshine!!

Yesterday was another Nunavut first for me… I walked home from work in less than complete darkness!

Almost two months ago when I first arrived, the sun set just after 2pm and it was dark by 3pm.  While a lot of people find the dark hard, I didn’t find it that bad.  That said, I am glad to have missed the worst of it (December’s four hour days).

Last night when I left work, the sun was setting.  Not yet set, but setting.  The whole city was a pastel painting of blues and pinks and purples.

The sun is rising around 5:30am now, which makes the walk in to work sunshine-y and warm (for Iqaluit).

I’m walkin on sunshine… and don’t it feel good! (Gotta love Katrina and the Waves…makes every blog post better)


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