Happy World Water Day…

Today, I hope that you drink safe water from a tap that runs into your home, place of work, school or anywhere else you happen to be.

I hope that you refuse to buy bottled water.

I hope that you drink from a public fountain – or use it to fill up your water bottle.

I hope that you say no to Brita, no to reverse osmosis.

I hope that if you don’t trust your public water supply, that you write your municipal or provincial representatives and let them know that safe, clean drinking water is a human right.

I hope that you reflect on the last time the place you live had a boil water advisory or a water quality issue.

I hope that you are thankful you use a toilet that flushes, and you don’t have to worry (usually) about where the sewage will end up.

I hope that you wash your hands for at least 30 seconds using hot, running water that comes straight to your home.

I hope that you at least sometimes have stop-start showers, that you fix leaky taps, and that you turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

I wish these things for you every day, but most especially today.


Since there is a huge world out there of people more talented than I, I asked, why reinvent the wheel?  As such, here I have posted some good food for thought from the lovely folks at the Global Health blog who know way more about water than I do:

**In Celebration of World Water Day

**On the almost-achievement of the Millennium Development Goals on water, also from the Global Health Blog

**I tried to find a cool YouTube video, but YouTube in Iqaluit takes quite awhile.  Its all you!

Enjoy your water…straight from the tap.


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