Rules are made to be broken.

Don’t worry. It’s ok.  I haven’t gone crazy.  Well, any more crazy than usual.  I swear its still me writing this. My blog hasn’t been taken over by someone else.  I still love to follow rules – just not the ones I’ve made for myself on this blog.

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking and reading and writing and reflecting.  It was done in between trips to the rink for the Iqaluit Skating Club carnival, Decades of Music, enjoying the twelve hours of sunlight we now have, baking for tomorrow’s anniversary request edition of Baking Monday and catching up with many near and dear people from back home.

I read a  lot of other people’s blogs.  My most recent discovery is Aidan Donnelley Rowley’s Ivey League Insecurities, which is about her life as a mother and wife and writer and sister and friend and the million other roles she plays in people’s lives.  I highly recommend it.  Wait for it: I found the link at the Happiness Project.

As I fell in love with Aidan Donnelley Rowley’s writing style, Joy the Baker‘s writing style, as I did Gretchen Rubin‘s and Ellen‘s  I realized something: I don’t have my own ‘blog voice’ yet.

I’ve been doing exactly what the goddesses of the blog world tell you not to do: I post inconsistently, on different topics, don’t include a lot of pictures, and do a poor job of responding to people’s comments (which, by the way, I love… keep them coming).  Instead of being devoted and coherent and witty, and full of insight about life in Iqaluit, this blog has become an inconsistent string of Baking Mondays, recently Thankful Thursdays and quote Saturdays.. and maybe a sprinkle or two or other things in between.

And you know what… I’m okay with it.  I’m 22.  (This, by the way, is not an invitation to write me off because I’m young.)  I graduated almost a full year ago.  During that year, I have done a number of cool things.  Even before I had five fancy letters after my name (BPAPM – points if you know what it stands for), I did some cool things.

There’s lots I’m still figuring out though.  And my ‘blog voice’ is one of those things.

So – I’m breaking the rules. The quote Saturdays? Baking Mondays? Thankful Thursdays? Its been great.  I like you a lot.  But its not you that’s the issue, its me.  Please don’t be sad – I love you while you lasted. But now, I need to break free from the structure and reclaim writing what I want to write, when I want to write.  I’ll bake on days that aren’t Mondays. I’ll be thankful on more days than just Thursdays.  I’ll post quotes when I come across them.  I’ll fill the days (and pages) in between with tidbits of life that I find interesting.  Hopefully some of you will stick around as I figure it all out.

So. (Some) rules are made to be broken.   You just have to figure out what ones they are.

*What is your favourite rule-breaking moment?

Comment away- I promise to respond.


6 thoughts on “Rules are made to be broken.

  1. Wow Sarah – You are living on the edge!

    I love your blog. My favourite rule to break is defying the convention (is that a rule?) that just because you are an executive that you can’t have fun at work. Work is work but it is also supposed to be fun. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives working so as long as the work gets done; why not laugh and smile and bring good cheer to those around us?

    Hats off to defying convention, social mores and other rules that shackle the human spirit!

    Le Chef

  2. I have meant to comment on your blog a long long time ago (because I have been reading them)…so this is really overdue =p And let me just say that reading your blog has really made me want to stretch my legs a little bit too (by which I mean getting myself out of the academic bubble and get some real work experience) =)

    Also, I think my challenge isn’t so much with breaking rules, but with keeping them, especially the unspoken ones…the ones I generally don’t find out about until after I break them. =p But to make a meaningful contribution to your blog, I’d say that one of my nicest personal-rule/routine breaking moments was when I was persuaded by my friends to go to the bar and have a beer, in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day, to just have a break between a couple of grueling assignments and deadlines to beat. I realized that you can make time for a lot of things if you really wanted to. =)

  3. You are so wonderful. There are so many ways we must find self, even within reflection. You are so profound!

    Not forcing 12/13 year old boys to swim when they were supposed to. Make that not forcing them to do a lot of activities that they were supposed to… because they didn’t want to.
    I dont know if that is my favourite… but it’s up there!

    Also skipping class last week to go Value Village/Goodwill shopping with new friends.

    Love to you!

    • Thanks for bringing camp into it! I had dozens of camp examples too! Yay for new friends. And watches without batteries.

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