Just dance, it’ll be okay.

Let it be known that I love to dance.  I’m not good, but still, I love to dance.

And so, ladies and gentleman, Monday nights in Iqaluit are dancing nights.  Dancing shoes included: grey flats that sparkle.

The Iqaluit Social Dance Club – of which I am a legitimate, card-carrying member for all of $30/year – holds lessons every week.  Monday nights are for beginners and Thursdays are for advanced dancers (‘advanced’ has a pretty loose definition I’m told).

The boys stand on one side of the room and the ladies on the other, slightly resembling the elementary school dances  (I wouldn’t know about high school ones as that was before my ‘I love to dance’ phase of my life).  We learn our respective steps and then we’re told to find a partner.  We rotate every couple minutes or so to ensure that no one ever gets too comfortable.

The first dance we learned was salsa.  I was pretty much a disaster.  Missing week two of four didn’t really help my cause.  But – I bounced back and am loving the night-club two step that we are currently learning.  In fact, at the last class, I got to learn ahead of the class – a double spin move that travels (yes, that’s the technical name).  I’m going to give most of the credit to my fabulous partner of the night – really, all I have to do as a girl is count and make sure to pay attention to where I’m being led (I’m sure its shocking that I find this so challenging that some weeks, I just decide to be the man. It’s also partly due to the fact that there are apparently more girls who like to dance in Iqaluit than there are guys… ).

And now, I’m off to get my dancing shoes on.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Just dance, it’ll be okay.

  1. Advanced was such a loose term that we’ve decided that Thursdays are called practice, and that everyone should attend that as well.

    I hope you’re not too advanced on the night club two step, because you know you’re teaching me everything I missed.

    • Haha, I should start coming!
      Tonight was great, although the only boys were Bob and David! No more illegitimate excuses Matt.. being in Edmonton does NOT count. I’ll try to teach you.. but I’m trying not to be the man and have no idea what you do.. I just know that I get to spin :P.

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