The ‘Missing’ List

I’ve been down South now for 6 days.  No, I didn’t tell you I was coming.  I’m sorry.  I focused on family this weekend. I’ll admit: I was a tiny bit homesick.  Just a tiny bit though. (Don’t get any ideas Mom and Dad.)

Asides from my family (and very lovely friends I didn’t get to see this time), I have realized there really aren’t too many things that I’ve missed about being here.  In fact, there are even some things I’ve been glad to escape.  For example, traffic and parking craziness.  Iqaluit does have a handful of four-way stops, most notably ‘the four corners’ but…we don’t have traffic jams.  We don’t sit at lights.  We don’t have to worry about paying for parking or parking in between the lines (there are none).  Life is better without all of the above.

That said, life is better with a great selection of groceries all the time that are fairly inexpensive.  And, wearing a a shirt, jeans, and flats instead of a parka, windpants, gloves, mittens, a scarf, a hat and maybe a face mask everywhere I go.

But, more than anything, the list of things I’m already missing about Iqaluit:

*Walking by the same people every day on the way in to work;

*$6 cabs anywhere and everywhere – everything is that close;

*Open land, blue skies and sunshine all the time

*Simple directions: everything is so close, even I haven’t really managed to get lost.

See you soon, dear Iqaluit!


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