Make new friends, but keep the old.

I’ve arrived back in Iqaluit after 6 fabulous days of soul-warming sunshine, family and (not nearly enough) friends.  Between all the forms of communication available to me, I’ve been mostly able to keep in touch with ‘old friends’ back home – but there is nothing like in person, face-to-face conversation.  Call me a traditionalist, but its true.

I love all my new friends here- and hope that they will become old friends with time- but there was something rejuvenating about spending time with people who have known me forever, through bad days and good days and in so many different contexts – camp, work, travel, play, life in a family.

It was a good time to leave – I still wanted to be here.  Which meant I still wanted to come back.  And here I am again, from now until August.

Three grandparents, three dear friends.  Two sisters, two parents. One dog. A handful of other friends from far and wide.

Admiring the lake with my sisters

Thirty rolls of toilet paper.  Fresh produce.  Crunchy just peanuts peanut butter.  Two full days at the cottage.  Time on the patio.  Running in +20-something weather.  The Easter bunny.  What else could I possibly have asked for?


One thought on “Make new friends, but keep the old.

  1. Oh Sarah,

    As usual it is just the simple things. Who would have thought toilet paper would be amongst them! WOW ! I am behind the times. Really enjoying your blog!



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