It’s Toonik Tyme in the city…

Upon my return to Iqaluit, I have been greeted by even more hours of sunshine (TWO more hours than Ontario) and the annual celebration of spring, Toonik Tyme.

Wednesday night’s opening ceremonies – conducted in Inuktitut, English and French – began with the lighting of the qulluq – traditionally used to provie a soft, glowing light in igloos and was followed my musical performances from a range of performers, from traditional Inuit songs to Jamaican-inspired American songs.

The week-ish long celebration includes activities for pre-schoolers through to elders, and includes everything from traditional Arctic games to snowmobiling, skijoring (dogs pulling a person on skis), igloo-building, a real concert featuring ‘The Trews’ (a band from Nova Scotia, so I’m told), children’s scavenger hunts and a whole host of other activities.

Last night’s event of choice was ‘Fear Factor’ – something I skipped due to the ‘gross’ factor.  I’m told contestants ate a variety of animal parts, including eyeballs.

While I skipped last night’s Fear Factor, I plan to take in as much of this weekend’s festivities as possible, starting with igloo-building this afternoon in beautiful spring sunshine and a very mild -15.

Happy Spring!