Call on me…

Telephone numbers in Iqaluit are relatively straightforward.  Rather than all this ten-digit dialing stuff down south, we only have seven.

But in reality, we really only have four to remember, because the first three numbers are determined by what kind of phone line it is rather than however they are assigned down south.

Iqaluit cellphone numbers begin with ‘222’, government lines begin with ‘975’, and residential lines begin with ‘979’.

I didn’t realize this at first – it was pointed out to me by someone who thought it should be easier for me to remember phone numbers than it was.  Once this was explained to me, I (naturally) assumed that this would hold true for all numbers.

One day, I dialed what I thought to be a friend’s home number – and proceeded to dial 979, follow by the last four digits, knowing it was a residential line.  Rather than get my friend on the other end, I actually ended up speaking to a co-worker at her house – one whose number I didn’t know.

Only in Iqaluit do you call a wrong number – and end up talking to someone you know.


3 thoughts on “Call on me…

  1. Haha. Yep. Somebody called the other day looking for MM and I was able to tell her that she dialed 975 instead of 979.

  2. That’s not totally true either, except for 222 being all cell phones. 979 is business and residential. 975 while mainly government offices, can also be the start of some older cell phones.

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