Prom night in Nunavut…

An interesting story from this morning’s CBC Radio news transcribed for our daily media monitor:

Students preparing for prom night

It’s that time of year again for some high school students – senior prom. In Igloolik preparations are underway to make this year’s gala a night to remember. Eva Michael reports.

Larissa Garity (sp) is a teacher at Ataguttaaluk High School in Igloolik. Garity says last year students and staff held their first prom. As a fundraiser, they asked family and friends from different parts of Canada to donate dresses and suits that they may have worn to their own proms. She says they received hundreds of dresses, suits, ties, and accessories, and they set up a sale at their gym.

“So we had badminton nets with dresses hanging off of them. And ping pong tables with shirts and ties on them. And benches with shoes on them. And we sold every outfit for $10.”

Garity says this year they’re doing the same thing and raising money for a graduation dinner. Leanna Akiagok (sp) is one of the students graduating next month. And she says she’s excited.

She says it’s like her soul is smiling and she’s very proud of herself and other graduating students.

Garity says there was 13 graduates last year. This year there are 15. She says the students raised several thousand dollars for their graduation trip. This year the students are coming to Iqaluit and Ottawa to tour post-secondary institutions like Nunavut Arctic College and Nunavut Sivuniksavut as well as colleges and universities down south. She says this time there are so many articles donated they’re sending some to Hall Beach so students there can have a prom night. Prom night in Igloolik is May 28.

-Eva Michaels, CBC News, Iqaluit