Food, glorious food

I have been meaning to detail exactly how expensive food is up here and today, I finally did.  These prices are from Cambridge Bay’s locally owned Co-op, one of two “department stores” here.  The other option is Northern which is ‘related’ (in a corporate kind of way) to North Mart, which is basically the Walmart of the north.

In any case, here’s prices from some groceries that I commonly buy… you’ll probably note the absence of any meat products.   Apologies, but not really. (I didn’t see any country food at either store either – Kitikmeot Foods – is the place to go for country food anyways).

As well, there is a shortage of fruits and vegetables – mostly because the produce selection was limited, and not that yummy looking.

  • $9.89 for grapes (they were pretty brown, too…)
  • $4.09 for eggs
  • $17.99 for a 900g block of cheese
  • $5.39 for a loaf of bread (the white, nutrient-reduced kind)
  • $12.99 for 1.89 L of cran juice
  • $4.39 for Earl Grey tea
  • $5.19 for 900g of rotini
  • $18.99 for jumbo Rice Krispies
  • $8.69 for 350g of Crispix
  • $8.79 for stoned wheat thin crackers
  • $44.99 for 10kgs of flour
  • $13.49 for 4L of milk
  • $5.49 for blackberries

Food costs is just one of the contributing reasons to poverty and unhealthy diets…

Stay tuned for a comparison blog post from Iqaluit!


3 thoughts on “Food, glorious food

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  2. Yep…and its worse in smaller and more remote communities.

    There’s also issues around selection and quality. I quickly learned never to plan for something to be at the grocery store. Sometimes, it ends in disappointment.

  3. You’ll either go broke or starve or eat the unhealthy foods. I cannot believe the prices of things. That is just crazy!!!

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