Highlights from Cambridge Bay

Six days in Cambridge Bay has come and gone, and I’ve settled back in to life in Iqaluit.

It was really nice to be able to spend some time outside of Iqaluit.  As the capital city, its quite a bit bigger and a lot closer to places ‘down South’ than other places in the territory (for one, there’s a move theatre).  As the hub of the Kitikmeot region (the western-most side of the territory), Cambridge Bay is still pretty ‘big’ by Nunavut standards.

Either way, it was neat to spend some time out of the office and away from my desk and meet with the people we work with and for.

Some highlights from the trip include:

  •  An eleven (or so) year old boy on the flight who had never seen a tree before we flew into Yellowknife
  • Making friends on the flights (there was six of us from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay when I arrived and fifteen or so on the flight back)
  • A book exchange in the lobby of the airports in Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay
  • The number of people carrying Tim Hortons after leaving Yellowknife
  • Meeting with a group of students at the high school
  • Hearing Inuinnaqtun spoken (Inuinnaqtun is spoken primarily in the Kitikmeot region)
  • Having a better cellphone signal than in Iqaluit (Cambridge Bay is flat, and it has way fewer people)
  • Working ‘in’ the community rather than at an office desk
  • Getting a taste of community-based research
  • A Shoppers Drug Mart shopping spree in Yellowknife
  • Finding (and reading) the book “White Lies About the Inuit” (stay tuned…I’ll be posting about at least one)

…and many more.  For instance, snowy streets rather than Iqaluit’s muddy, garbage-strewn ones.

To leave you with a glimpse of future blog posts, how many ways can you say ‘snow’ in Inuktitut?