May your world be full of colour…


Its been awhile since I’ve posted a quote.

 One of my best friends made me a personalized daily calendar for every day I’m in Nunavut.  It’s the highlight of my morning routine and is always full of cheery wisdom that makes me thankful every day for having such awesome people in my life.

 In any case, one of the quotes from last week was a very lovely wish that I thought I’d share.  Its that good:

 “May your world be full of colour and your crayons never melt.” – Tymm

 Maybe its because one of my favourite presents ever was a 64 pack of Crayloa crayons.  I’m pretty sure Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave gave it to me.  I was probably ten.  I might even have been twelve.  The point is, that pack of crayons sat on my desk for a long, long time before I brought myself to use it.  Once I did, I diligently organized and sharpened them after each use.

Maybe its because I’m a camp counselor. Maybe its because I’m still optimistic and happy about the world.  Maybe its because I love colouring books. 

 Whatever the reason, its my wish for you this weekend.