Sunday adventuring…

In sad news, today’s edition of Baking Mondays was not delicious in the least.  These things do happen, especially when trying new recipes.

Instead of a recipe however, I come offering a photo journey of my adventuring along the coast between Iqaluit and the suburb of Apex.  Google Maps says its 4.8 kilometres, although that assumes you stay on the road.  My friend Emily (yes, the lovely lady who lent me her sunglasses) and I most definitely most definitely took a path less travelled which alternately included sand, snow and two ventures (on my part) into crevasses.  Keep reading.

Being so close to so much unexplored outdoor glory is one of the great parts of life in Iqaluit. This was, by far the most fun I’ve had on a Sunday afternoon since my last weekend hiking adventure(which incidentally was last Sunday…don’t tell!)

This is me, lying on a rock. Next weekend, I plan to lie on this rock with a book all afternoon.

Iqaluit is melting, finally!

I may have fallen into a crevasse. Its okay though, I got out - but only after thoroughly photographing the moment.

It was an overcast and windy day...perfect for kite flying.

I climbed into this crevasse so I could take fun pictures. Emily was not impressed.

Then I took this picture of Emily with her fun new camera. I think its pretty.

Its true, we have pussy willows!

And, we have purple flowers. (Not really - this blew over from the neighbouring cemetery.)