Delegates search for a healthier future

This is an article about from Nunatsiaq News, on November 29, 1996, first posted by one of my fun and wonderful Iqaluit friends.  It is their vision of the Iqaluit of 2010.

What will Iqaluit look like in the year 2010? Participants in last week’s community wellness conference came up with a lengthy wish list of things they’d like to see in a healthier, more prosperous Iqaluit.

 On the streets, they want less children wandering around late at night, a community centre for kids to go when they want to have fun, and a safe house kids can go to when they’re scared to go home.

 In the Iqaluit of 2010, there would be a centre for mentally challenged people, but no homeless shelter — hopefully any need for it will have been eliminated.

 In almost every aspect of life, Inuit culture and values would be respected: learning Inuktitut would be a priority in schools; Inuit philosophy in the justice system would place the emphasis on personal development, not punishment; and youth and elders would work together to keep traditional survival skills, songs and games alive.

 More Inuit would have jobs, and more people would be speaking Inuktitut. At the hospital, Inuit doctors and nurses would treat patients in a community-owned and operated facility.

 At offices around town, people would always be able to get service in the language of their choice. Qallunaat working with the public — especially those who deal with social issues — would learn Inuktitut and Inuktitut would be the working language of the courts.