Blink and you’ll miss it…

Before I really got used to the 24 hours of daylight, its disappearing: sunset this week has been around 11:30 which means its actually getting dark at night again!  The change is gradual – I’ve been told about 8 minutes per day – but its also easy to miss, especially given the number of cloudy days (and nights) we have been having recently.

Along with big changes in the hours of daylight over the past two months, there have also been big changes in landscape as the snow and ice has melted away. With the bay free of ice, there are now ships anchored off the shore bringing in all sorts of useful things including fuel and sealift orders.  Sealifts are one of the things that help reduce the cost of living up here – shipping by boat is less expensive then by air.  Cars and furniture usually find their way to Iqaluit via sealift.

Fuel arrives in least that's what we think it is.


Summer in Iqaluit is here in full force: we’ve had a few days per week of summer dresses, ice cream and lying in the sun on the beach. 

Fortunately, I’m still loving every minute (perhaps in preparation for the next place I will call home?) and am having fun exploring the bottom of the ocean when the tide is out and crossing suspension bridges and other such fun when its in.

*Apologies for the lack of photos in this post: I was going to include more but the fabulous Internet in Iqaluit is preventing that from becoming reality.  Sorry!


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  1. summer dresses and ice cream way up North?!?! I don’t believe it…you’ll have to post pictures!!

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