Arctic sovereignty

Harper has been pretty pleased with his commitment to Canada’s north throughout his time as Prime Minister. Arctic sovereignty has been a priority for awhile now.

The Prime Minister is in Resolute Bay this week on his summer Arctic tour to take a look at Operation Nanook – the annual military exercise to make sure our troops are prepared for potential military involvement whether as part of a disaster response or defending our borders.

All the focus on Arctic sovereignty of late is a little hard to take when the basic needs (food, housing, health) of many people living in the territory are barely being met.  Part of Arctic sovereignty includes having a happy, healthy, productive population in the region.  In order for that to happen, a lot of investment – of good people, creativity, time, and money – is needed.  Arctic sovereignty needs to be looked at much more holistically and be viewed in a way that encompasses people, not just borders.


3 thoughts on “Arctic sovereignty

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  2. great perspective…not many people get this type of on-the-front-lines exposure to Canada’s arctic regions.

  3. I agree very much; there’s also the point that the public doesn’t really care if he’s pursuing arctic sovereignty like a champ. His political calculations have been so sorely misguided and out of line not only with needs, but even the wants of Canadians. This might be good for Canada though — if he keeps doing stupid, expensive stuff like this, the Census, etc, hopefully he’ll soon be tossed out!

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