“We need healthy communities, we need a well-educated northern population.”

Maybe Harper’s northern travels sparked some discussion about holistic approaches to sovereignty after all. Calls for a northern university were reignited after Harper’s visit according to CBC News.  Frances Abele, a professor at Carleton, spoke about the importance of education for Canada’s northern populations:

“In order for us to have a globally credible claim, we need healthy communities, we need a well-educated northern population and we need a certain degree of social and economic stability in the North.”

Accessible education will help Inuit people receive the education they need to fill the jobs in government available in Nunavut, thereby increasing the number of Inuit who are working in government and getting the territory closer to the vision of government by Inuit, for Inuit.  It will also help to increase the use of Inuit language in government and move towards the goal of using Inuktitut as the working language in the territory.