News mash-up: October 23.

I’m passionate about a lot of issues, but you probably already know that.  Here are some of the things I would have, could have, should have written about this week… no apologies for the very feminist bent presented here.

  • This week was International Access to Safe Abortion week to help ensure women who want or need abortions are able to access them safely, preventing complications and harm to mother and fetus.
  • Obama’s back and forth on the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) approach to gays and lesbians serving in the US military. He has said this policy will end under his term, but when?  Asking the court to delay the implementation of the ruling that DADT has to go, whether because of politicking around the mid-term elections or respect for the military review process (which was long overdue, and has already heard strong evidence supporting overturning the policy), is hard to take.  Now that Obama has submitted his video as part of the ‘It Gets Better Project‘, hopefully he will decide to make it better now by making DADT a thing of the past for good.
  • Dockers’ “Wear the Pants” ad campaign, launched on International Women’s Day last spring, aimed at reclaiming masculinity which is being challenged by changes in society (they stopped short of noting advances in women’s equality as one of the changes).
  • One of Yale’s frats chanted ‘Yes Means No, and No Means Anal’ in close proximity to a residence primarily occupied by female undergraduate students. Don’t worry, they have since noted that weren’t trying to condone sexual violence.