“…Such as you are, you are here, and you are ready for more.”

“There comes a time to fight your way out of purgatory. Assess what you learned, bow to your healing process, and tear off the band-aids. Burn things. This is the time to make announcements and head out into the world even if your skin is a bit tender, even if you are limping now.

You bust out of the in-between when youdeclare that you.have.decided.to.live. No matter what. Such as you are, you are here, and you are ready for more. -Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte writes a blog and does a whole lot of other cool stuff over at www.whitehottruth.com under the tagline ‘because self-realization rocks’.  She’s done (and does) a lot of cool stuff, is passionate about helping people love their lives and live their dreams, and is definitely worth your time to check out. She is consulting and creative and personal coach and fabulous all rolled together.