To men who treat people beautifully…

On the bus on the way home, I met a man named Skye who told me I was beautiful and asked me about my day.  We established a mutual love of books and libraries, that Skye loved to draw, and that eagles are his favourite animal. Before our conversation ended, he gave me a picture he drew earlier that day that he told me was a picture of me.  It was one of those moments that make you realize that the world is a good place with a lot of good people.

To men who treat people beautifully, have favourite animals and draw pictures.



3 thoughts on “To men who treat people beautifully…

  1. Judging from the topics of conversation, and the quality of the drawing, I’m guessing this man was younger than 12 years old.

    So I guess at some point, the individual in the general population closes themselves off from random encounters such as this, because I don’t picture adults engaging like this very often.

    I think, though, I’ll try a random encounter myself this week. Minus the “you’re beautiful” part…actually, it’ll probably have to be with a guy, or else it would seem as though I’m trying to pick up…


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