Two causes, one day.

(I’m a bit late posting this, I realize, but I hope everyone is up for extending awareness of these two topics beyond the one day they are recognized each year. I know I am!)

November 20th is International Transgender Day of Remembrance and National Child Day in Canada.  I can’t do either of these topics justice, and as part of my commitment to responsible blogging, I am choosing to provide links instead of my own musings as I am no expert on either topic.  I know that both are important and that we can do more to create a safe world for trans people and children….starting by learning about the issues.

  • International Transgender Day of Remembrance started in 1999 to remember the gender-variant people who are targeted by various hate crimes, including murder because they challenge gender norms.  At least one gender-variant person a month is murdered; many more are subjected to harassment and discrimination in their workplace, in the healthcare system, by their family and friends.  In some cases, this leads to self-harm, so today isn’t only about those people who have been murdered by others, its also about the people who have hurt themselves as a result of hate, discrimination and exclusion.  If you aren’t okay with this, check out five things you can do.
  • National Child Day in Canada is about recognizing that kids are people too, and that like everyone, they want to know they are loved.  There are a number of ways you can mark the day, but one way to start is by thinking about the one in nine Canadian kids who live below the poverty line and things you can do to change this reality, whether its using your voice, your vote, your volunteer hours or your wallet.  Always, always, actions speak louder than words, so if kids are important to you, choose to treat kids in a way that shows them how important they are. It also doesn’t hurt to thank the many, many people who help raise them.