Happy Human Rights Day!


Where do human rights come from? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one place where the world has tried to articulate a list of human rights that are not limited to certain people or in certain contexts.  However, the existence of the document unfortunately does not extend the rights written within it.

The UN’s theme for this year’s Human Rights Day is celebrating the numerous advocates worldwide who stand up for human rights every day, advocating for better treatment of people.  They are encouraging individuals to speak up and stop discrimination in their own lives – a challenge that I am taking up and passing on as well.  Whether that means changing your language, challenging one of your own deeply held opinions, speaking up or taking action in another way, it will help create a world where people’s rights are upheld in their daily lives.

*Unfortunately, I’m experiencing technical difficulties and thus can’t provide the link, but Google Human Rights Day 2010 and it will take you to the UN site where you can read more and hear about the great work being done to advocate for rights globally.