News mash-up: February 3

So…January is over, and February has begun. And somewhere over the course of that time period, some big things happened that I didn’t mention:

  • CDC discusses using HIV medication as prevention: Back in November, a study showed promising (though preliminary) results regarding the use of HIV medication to prevent the infection in the first place.  Its up for debate if this is good news or bad news, and has raised some unanswered questions about medicalization and about equity. The Centre for Disease Control released guidelines for doctors to use in deciding whether (or not) to use said medication with their patients.
  • UN Women opened after years of advocacy to stop mainstreaming gender issues as every agency’s responsibility, because in practise, no one was doing it because everyone was. Twisted logic, I know.
  • Obama’s State of the Union address was full of hope, the American dream and pleas for post-partisan teamwork, but he didn’t touch poverty or income inequality whatsoever.  In doing so, he became the second Democratic President since Truman in 1948 not to mention poverty or the poor. Oops.
  • The political situation in Egyptand Tunisia was the focus of major protests and political upheaval and has gained the attention of media, individuals and politicians worldwide.  Egyptian voices and stories have been given some space in Western media, including the very fantastic (and feminist to boot) Mona Eltahawy (“To be a Muslim and a feminist is to stand in the crossfire and yell “Shut the f**k up!” to everyone around you because you know that anything you say can and will be used against you by everyone.”), but Anderson Cooper’s moment of fear has gotten
  • Two women went to the police after some less-than-consensual sexual encounters with Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder. The story went in multiple directions with accusations flying about conspiracies against WikiLeaks, talk consent, sex, condom use, sexually transmitted infections testing, conversations about Sweden‘s legal framework for addressing rape, and questions about what makes rape a rape?.



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