end the word.

you know what word is super uncool in my books? the ‘r-word’ – retard. i’m not the only one who doesn’t like it – in fact, there’s a whole movement (spread the word to end the word) committed to taking on the r-word and asking people who use it to reconsider (at the very least), as well as bloggers here, here and here, and Glee star Lauren Potter (Becky in the show) here.  part of the call is to replace the bad r-word with a much better one: respect.

what’s uncool about the r-word you ask? the main reason is its derogatory towards people with disabilities. if you think something is ‘stupid’, call say stupid rather than perpetuating stereotypes and hurting other people with your choice of words.

Ellen over at Love That Max writes a wonderful blog I’ve followed for awhile about her son named Max, who loves purple, carwashes, (more recently) colouring on the walls, his socks and dining room table and his sister Sabrina (some days more than other).  Max also has cerebral palsy, and a very cool Mom (Ellen) who is a constant advocate for both her kids, getting Max what he needs, and creating a world that embraces Max for all his purple-loving self.  She wrote a brilliant post about what happens when you ask people not to use the r-word that is both illuminating, frustrating and a very real example of how starting a conversation might make some change.

spread the word to end the word.

the r-word is not the only word that we would do well to stop using. what other words do we use too often at the expense of a certain group of people?


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