Medicine saves lives, round two.

In October, I wrote Medicine saves lives to extol the virtues of Bill C-393 and encourage you to contact your MP to do your part to ensuring this bill that will increase global access to live-saving medications gets passed.  Last week, the House of Commons voted to send this legislation to the Senate (the normal process for approving legislation in our country), which was great news.

However, the election speculation that’s going on in Ottawa, the media, and people’s conversations means that this bill might die on the table if an election is called before the Senate votes.  The Liberal Senators have already committed to voting on this bill as soon as possible, but they need the support of the Conservatives to ensure it goes to a vote.

This time, Avaaz has put together everything in a one-stop website where you can fill out your name and directly contact the Prime Minister and leading Conservative Senators to let them know Bill C-393 is important, and that it shouldn’t be left to die on the table as a result of an election call.  Its super easy: all you need to do is click here and fill in your name, email and postal code.

The values behind Bill C-393 are those that we so often take pride in as Canadians: being humanitarian-minded and providing access to health for all.  Let’s make Bill C-393 reality, act on our values, and help stop preventable deaths by giving what we already have to those who need it.


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