News mash-up: April 12.

I’ve missed a lot of things recently, including, but not limited to the federal election (get informed and vote).  In other news, Bill C-393 died on the table (again). Australia has introduced their version of Bill C-393 and is poised to be the first jurisdiction to actually do something productive on the issue.  New targets were set to address HIV/AIDS globally after the failure to achieve the Millennium Development Goal regarding HIV treatment. It’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Food in northern Canada got less (or more) expensive, and the Globe and Mail did a feature section on Nunavut, in recognition of the territory’s 12th anniversary which was good and bad.

All this, and more, once exams are over. I promise.

In the meantime- if you are a Canadian citizen, get yourself informed, and then vote. May 2, 2011. (Or before, in advance polls or via mail-in ballots).