about everything i learned

Growing up, my sister had a poster over her bed titled ‘Everything I Learned About LIfe, I Learned from my Teddy Bear’ full of sage advice, notably, “hugs are even better than chocolate,” and “love is supposed to wear out your fur a little.”

While I am partial to teddy bears, there are lots of other places things can be – and are – learned: conversations, books, volunteering, traveling, school, work, media, and really, most times when you meaningfully engage with other people. This blog is a place for me to write about things I’m learning about, albeit, often in a very opinionated way. But, the research that goes into them, either as I write or before I decide to write, is definitely a form of learning, as are any conversations that may (or may not) happen in the comments section. Learning is a two way street as well: taking things we learn and teaching them to others opens up all sorts of opportunities for everyone involved to reconsider, rethink and relearn. Hopefully this a space of learning about all sorts of things that grab my attention, whether emotionally, intellectually, or some combination thereof. Wherever you are learning, may it be rewarding and interesting. Happy learning, here and beyond!


One thought on “about everything i learned

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