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I have no words: An 11-year old is raped, and then blamed.

This post is tagged ‘children’, ‘injustice’, and ‘rape’ (among others).  What a terrible combination. I have no words to express my frustration that one of rape activists’ most basic messages – rape is never the victim’s fault, ever – is still news to so many people. An 11-year old girl was gang raped in Cleveland, … Continue reading

Domestic violence and deportation.

I have no words… MARIA BOLANOS, a “28-year-old undocumented immigrant from El Salvador,” risks deportation after making a domestic violence report to Prince George’s County police. In the Washington Post: The call for help had disastrous consequences for Bolanos. . . Within months, she found herself ensnared in an increasingly controversial immigration enforcement program designed … Continue reading

I have no words: rape.

Sometimes, I have no words to describe my sense of injustice that arises when reading certain news stories.  Usually when that happens, I don’t post.  Until now. Rape is always wrong.  In Beaumont, Texas, a female cheerleader was raped by a male basketball player.  They were both in high school.  He pled guilty and was … Continue reading