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News mash-up: April 12.

I’ve missed a lot of things recently, including, but not limited to the federal election (get informed and vote).  In other news, Bill C-393 died on the table (again). Australia has introduced their version of Bill C-393 and is poised to be the first jurisdiction to actually do something productive on the issue.  New targets … Continue reading

Arctic sovereignty

Harper has been pretty pleased with his commitment to Canada’s north throughout his time as Prime Minister. Arctic sovereignty has been a priority for awhile now. The Prime Minister is in Resolute Bay this week on his summer Arctic tour to take a look at Operation Nanook – the annual military exercise to make sure … Continue reading

I don’t think I’m in Iqaluit anymore…

I don’t think I’m in Iqaluit anymore…lakes for swimming, sitting on patios, humidity, allergies, summer dresses every day, amongst other things. I left Iqaluit for three and a half weeks ago…. and I didn’t tell you.  I’m sorry. I was surprising some super important people in my life in Ontario and therefore couldn’t write about … Continue reading

Blink and you’ll miss it…

Before I really got used to the 24 hours of daylight, its disappearing: sunset this week has been around 11:30 which means its actually getting dark at night again!  The change is gradual – I’ve been told about 8 minutes per day – but its also easy to miss, especially given the number of cloudy days (and nights) … Continue reading

Travel (plans) in the north

Remember when that volcano erupted in Iceland and shut down air travel for a couple of weeks?  The media focused a lot on disrupted travel plans and stranded travellers.  My bet would be that not too many of those journalists have ever travelled in the north…or if they have, that they have been lucky with their … Continue reading