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In which there are so many ways to love

Since we are generally in agreement about how great love is (although we tend to approve of certain kinds more than others), it only makes sense to think about some of the ways we Since today is about love – celebrating it, making time for it, soaking it all in – I thought I would … Continue reading

Use your words.

“We are not sure that words can always save lives, but we know that silence can certainly kill.” -Dr. James Orbinski, in An Imperfect Offering Some days when I think about the world around me, I am so entirely appalled at the amount of injustice that continues in my backyard, in the lives of my friends, in … Continue reading

Let these not be dead men’s dreams

Challenging words from 1969 on the anniversary of the oft-quoted “I Have A Dream” speech, and in the wake of a recent death of Canada’s elected political leader who dared to dream – and to fight – for this dream, and so many others. Inconvenient Hero (Himes, 1969) Now that he is safely dead Let … Continue reading