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The most amount of delicious.

Peanut butter. Banana. Oatmeal. The only way this combination gets better is by adding chocolate.  I didn’t go there in order to give peanut butter, banana and oatmeal a chance to stand on their own, and they definitely exceeded expectations.  I had faith in peanut butter, banana and oatmeal to hold their own all along. … Continue reading

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

 This recipe has been the product of five or so years of semi-seriously pursuing the perfect chocolate chip cookie: soft and chewy, even when it’s not fresh from the oven.  This recipe is the product of many, many batches of cookies, conversations with wiser bakers, and looking longingly for the perfect recipe.  The final product … Continue reading

Chewy Chocolate Chip Squares

Brown sugar. Vanilla.  Chocolate chips.  What could be better? If you mixed it together, spread it into a 9 x 13 and baked for 20 or so minutes at 350? You guessed it. This is one of the very first recipes I learned to bake all by myself, courtesy of my lovely Nana.  She puts … Continue reading

Ah, oatmeal.

There have been few mornings in Iqaluit that haven’t started with a bowl of oatmeal, alternately including coconut, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, peanut butter as stand alone toppings or in combination. There is something about eating a warm breakfast that fills you up more than something cold.  When its creamy and delicious and healthy … Continue reading

Whatever happened to Baking Mondays?

This is the second Baking Monday I’ve missed since we started them over a month ago.  I feel bad, I really do.  People in the office are disappointed, and I don’t like to be a disappointing individual. But…not that I’m using this as an excuse or anything… I did manage to pull off my very … Continue reading

Honey Cinnamon Cake

Baking Mondays are back after one week off because of the gold medal men’s hockey game and closing ceremonies double header.  There were more than a few disappointed individuals at work – myself included. This week its back with another not-so-predictable combination that is a personal favourite of mine.  The recipe comes from Chatelaine’s July … Continue reading