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Dear Internet

Dear Internet, thank you for connecting me to the world around me no matter how far north I am and even if you are really quite slow.  On that note, thank you for being faster in Yellowknife than in Iqaluit – fast enough that I was able to download Glee. It was amazing.  Also, thank … Continue reading

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for teaching me to live and engage in the world around me, outside the four walls of my house and outside the confines of my thoughts and opinions.  Thank you for fostering my love of learning and wide range of interests, thank you for listening to my opinions and … Continue reading

Dear First Air

Dear First Air, Thank you for seat sales which mean I get to see my family on Easter. Thank you for flying between Iqaluit and Ottawa on days and times that are convenient for my life.  I love Iqaluit, but I appreciate the surprise trip home too. Love, Sarah PS I’m sorry I didn’t see … Continue reading

Dear fresh produce

Dear fresh produce, Thank you for making it all the way to Iqaluit from the sunny, warm places where you grow.  Even though you aren’t as good here as when I buy you freshly picked from a local produce and you cost more, I still appreciate the effort you make to get here. And the … Continue reading

Dear Canada Post

Dear Canada Post, Thank you for your fantastic mail delivery service, even though I live far, far away from the people who send me mail and to whom I send mail.  I appreciate that stamps cost the same amount everywhere.  Thank you for not losing my General Delivery mail. Love, Sarah

Dear Northern Lights

Dear Northern Lights, Thank you for being beautiful and changing and mysterious and grandiose.  I truly appreciate being able to see you from the window of the house I am house-sitting.  Thank you for reminding me that the world is a huge place, that some things are just beautiful – no explanation or understanding required, that … Continue reading